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This suite was created to allow those of us political junkies to come together and debate in a MATURE and ADULT manner. There are no right or wrong answers in here, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please be respectful of your fellow posters, and understand you will be booted from this suite should you engage in any sort of name-calling or attacking.

Experiencing Voter Apathy

Posted By ttulip on Nov 2, 2006 at 4:05PM

I don't even pick up the land-line phone anymore because pushy operators and annoying automated machines have taken over the phone lines telling me why I should cast my vote for their cause or candidate. I needed to get away from the interruptions at home. I received enough junk mail to make a recycle Christmas Tree. Today, I'm minding my own business at Borders studying and was interrupted by a solicitors who was pressuring me to sign her petition to place on the ballot to lower cost for community college tuition. I kindly refused. She starts interrogating me saying how I'm a smart girl and should care about other students. I told her I've attended a community college and believe the cost is pretty low already and the $10 addition in tuition will improve facilities, quality instructors and encourage students to stay on track and not fall behind in school by repeating classes. After explaining my thoughts this 4'5'' Asian woman gave me the dirtiest look of disgust.

My dad calls me daily to ask me who I voted for CA Governor, San Jose Mayor, and my position for various California propositions. I've learn my lesson to discuss politics with my parents. A few years ago I told them I supported gay marriage and they didn't speak to me for a week. Ugh!!

I try to do my best in educating myself about issues. But it's so much more work defending your position sometimes instead of "ROCK THE VOTE" I just want to become " A ROCK".

Rule of thumb: Discussing the application of politics and religion is a delicate issue. Avoid the discussion of either issues at all cost unless you are discussing it with a potential husband/wife/partner.

How do I break free from becoming "A ROCK?"

nbc censors??

Posted By LaurenG22 on Oct 20, 2006 at 11:12AM

write your thoughts here on NBC censoring Madonna... censorship in general :)